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PRECISION PRO Drive Side Maintenance Kit

PRECISION PRO Drive Side Maintenance Kit

$14.99 USD

Replacement PRECISION PRO drive side power meter cap, screws and O-ring.

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Amy McClintock
Poor quality cover

Glad they make a replacement, but shouldn’t be necessary. My drive side battery cover is cracking despite being extremely careful when changing the battery not to over tighten. At least mine lasted almost 3 years before completely falling apart where others have had issues much sooner.

Richard Yeo
Broken Cover Dura Ace 9100

I am writing same as everyone else to help and protect people looking at buying these power meters, it is really a great product just wish that the drive side cover could last longer mine as broken into pieces and now I am left looking around for a spare cover which is super difficult to find. I am stuck now and at the mercy of your response on what I need to do now ! DURA ACE 9100

Failed twice

Two units broke in one year.

Exactly the same way as specified in the other replies.

Shame for a product this expensive...

Shame for a product this expensive.

Geth Shooter
Brittle things..

These battery covers (right side) are pretty poor to be honest, although I'm gonna have to buy ANOTHER!
I've got two dual meters(ultegra & 105), and I'm careful using cleaning products around them when cleaning my bikes, yet that's two that have disintegrated while changing batteries. Even one of the cases has cracked.

Love 4iiii products otherwise.

K Van Gool
CAP desintegrated within 2 years

Within 2 battery replacements the cap disintegrated. Replacement is sold out. Bad product for this price!