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PRECISION PRO Drive Side Maintenance Kit

PRECISION PRO Drive Side Maintenance Kit

$14.99 USD

Replacement PRECISION PRO drive side power meter cap, screws and O-ring. Shipping included.

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Battery Change Disaster: Cover and Set Break, Plastic Disintegrates

Same for me, when changing the batteries. The whole set as well as the cover broke. The plastic completely disintegrated… :(

Failed Again! - Unbelievable - Zero Stars

To say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement that defies definition.

Around 14 months ago my right hand power meter was repaired, under warranty, following the failure of the battery housing and cover. I would just like to add at this point that the customer service etc. that I received at the time was excellent and could not be faulted.

Recently I came to replace the battery and to my surprise the exact same issue has arisen only this time it’s much worse given that the housing has splintered and disintegrated into multi bits whilst the cover has remained reasonably intact.

I have no idea why this has happened again since surely 4iiii would not have repaired a failed unit using the same part that failed originally especially given the volume of comments here indicating that the design and its quality would appear to be fundamentally flawed and definitely not fit for purpose.

In closing I intend to contact support directly to see what can be done, however, given this experience and the fact that I have to ship the unit from the UK, leaving my bike unusable for weeks, if they are only going to repair the unit again using the exact same part I think there needs to be a serious discussion around alternative options.

Power pod and cover broken (again)…(zero stars)

The second time my precision pro right side battery cover had cracked alongside the power meter pod in less than 2 years. All that was done was a battery swap, and the screws done up lightly using the supplied 4iiii Allan key tool which should apply correct force.
Left side is fine and no issues.
I think we have a design flaw here that is affecting a lot of cranks. The plastic pod material just will not cut it, and crumbles after a few months use. Waiting for support to contact me….

Brent Novak
Brakes as soon as you replace battery

The first time you change a battery to plastic brakes. No excessive force or tightening - for a $1600 unit this is unacceptable. Please send replacement!

Indrek Klaos
The drive side cover

I have the same problem with side cover. No matter how careful you are, it still broke. I am waiting for a solution.